Our Programs

Our Educational Programs are listed below 

Cyber Safety and Security

Instruct children in the best cyber safety protocols to keep them form exposing themselves to potential cyber threats.

How to teach Basic Computing Functions

Part of our teen techie initiative.  Teens will learn the soft skills needed to teach basic computer skills to their Senior counterparts.

TECH CAMP-Hardware Construction

Enjoy nature, and a host of fun outdoor recreational activities all while learning how to build a computer from the component level up and grasping the basic fundamentals of the COMPTia A+certification.


Small Business Owners Tech Boot Camp:

Basic Computing Functions
Intro to Computers, Keyboard shortcuts, Internet access, Email 101, Security 101
Productivity Computing
Learn How to effectively use Office Suite, Google APPS and other productivity
Prepare your Business for the Future
Making your Business Green and lean:
Digitize your business use less waste and save money!

Website and eCommerce in one day:
Social Marketing for your Small Business 
How to get a internet presence that drives business your way for FREE! Today

Working your business from your smart phone

Conquer the smart phone and run your business like a Corporate Executive without
the enterprise expenses!