NTT Partnership

FISHIN’ BUDDIES!  believes that the innovative incorporation of technology can enhance our mission of training youth through conservation programs and unlock their creativity and inventiveness.   The rapid adoption of cellular broadband and cloud computing has created new opportunities for our young citizens to interact and learn within their environment.

To begin influencing this change, we have taken two big steps;

1. The creation of Bridging The Gap, Inc. (BTG, INC)  this is an auxiliary organization to FISHIN’ BUDDIES! made up of FISHIN’ BUDDIES! board members who are information technology professionals and have a focused vision on the synergy of nature and technology to help our citizens transition into a sustainable future.
2. The creation of the Nature, Technology and Tomorrow initiative (NTT) that combines technical training for youth and utilizes technology to teach the general population about conservation.  It is designed to expose  at-risk youth to the world of conservation while also teaching critical technical skills.  We hope that our guidance will usher in a new crop of young urban students interested in the fields of engineering, environmental science, math, and technology.  BTG, INC has been charged with this task.

For more information about the Nature, Technology and Tomorrow Initiative please click here